Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th, 2009 "Protein"

Weighed in at 316.8 pounds this morning. I think I got a good enough workout today. Following yesterday's heavy lifting and crunching, I went back to the gym and did it again. I also rode the virtual cycle for ten miles uphill. My shoulders and arms actually ache tonight. Tylenol night.

One real bright spot with the virtual ride is that I had an average speed of 17.6 mph (at an average of 5% incline) compared to the last time I did this route several weeks ago at an average of 13 mph. In addition, I could only get my heart rate up to 115 or so maybe six weeks ago, but today I was able to hit 137 with an average of 130!

Protein. Many people ask me about protein. While meat and fish are good sources of protein, but so are tofu, any soy product, beans, split peas, broccoli, nuts, seeds (particularly flax seed), and vitamins. The calculation for how many grams of protein you need is .37 x (your weight in pounds). I need 114g. I easily get more than that each day without meat and dairy. If you are a normal meat and potatoes kind of eater, I'm sure you get way too much protein. We eat far more protein today than we did before WWII. The site to calculate your actual intake is

One more thought. I used to think of vegetarians and vegans as pasty sickly skinny people. Not true. Many athletes are vocal vegans like Tony Gonzalez, the NFL pro-bowl tight end. My role models are these dedicated healthy people. I workout so hard because I have an image of a healthy weight and a strong muscular body. Not only do I feel healthy, I also feel stronger all the way around than I have my entire life. Can't wait to see what next summer looks like.

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