Monday, July 6, 2009

Catch up Monday

Weighed in this morning at 343.6. That's 6.4 pounds in the past week. I'm NOT skipping meals or taking diet (death) pills. Just watching it. Yesterday was a "3". Made it to the gym today and lifted weights for an hour and then swam a mile in 42.24 minutes. Ate a very small bowl of Muesli this morning and had a pork sandwich for lunch. Tonight is green chili which will be okay if I don't eat very much.

Re-wrote the "Dangers of Diet Pills" article and submitted it to Ezine Articles for publication later this week. Also, went to book store and bought a new exercise/nutrition book called "Skinny Bastard" by Freedman and Barnouin. It's about getting smok'in hot bod, but not really skinny. They just named it that to go with their other book "Skinny Bitch." It is a smack down, locker room language, "get off the damn couch" kind of book. Sounds fun.

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