Thursday, July 16, 2009

End of Day Post- 07-16-09

First, the doctor said my melanoma wasn't too serious, so she will excise some more skin around the original biopsy. Just a 30 minute procedure, but it will keep me out of the pool for a while; bummer.

Today was a pretty good day. Survived the bike ride and still made it to the gym, but I am a bit sore. I'm kind of surprised that I'm sore. You get sore when you stress out and stretch out your muscles. You actually get small microscopic tears. You usually get real sore when you start a new program, but I'm pretty used to mine. That's why it's good to mix up your routine. It lets the tears heal and builds your muscles. I usually do weight lifting one day, swimming the next, and mountain biking on the third; rinse and repeat :-) However, now that I can't swim for a while, I've had improvise. I need the cardiovascular workout at least every other day, so sometimes I do both the bike ride and the weights. I have to ride tomorrow with my friend, but I won't lift again until Saturday or Sunday. I'll ride both days. It seriously gets you pumped to sweat that much.

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