Saturday, July 4, 2009

Star Date 7-4-2009; daily post

Well, it's the 4th of July. Big holiday for my boys. BBQ; Apple pie; the works. And a big challenge for dieting. I stole this funny post from a friend on facebook...
"guzzle. whee! Bang, pow! ooh, aah, whee, guzzle, chomp-chomp, slurp. bang, pow! whee! ooh, aah! guzzle, guzzle, guzzle. vroom! whoo-oo-whoo-oo-whoo-oo, "sir, may i see your license? How much have you had to drink tonight?" clang." LOL

This day is mixed for me. If I drank, this would be the day. On July 4th, 1993, my dad, the filmmaker Paul Sharits, killed himself. He was bipolar and not very good about abstaining from anything. I'm bipolar, but I have many many things I love about life and I'm really fond of good health. I plan on living for a very long time. While my disorder is balanced by meds, it brings up two very important points. Mental health is extremely important when losing weight. So much is going on, it's easy to forget depression. Get depressed; eat. Second, one of my criteria for picking a surgery was my meds and vitamins. With the bypass, meds kind of fly through you. With the "realize band" you can take your meds as usual. Talk to your doctor about this one. Also, I add a link to "Everyday Health." I strongly suggest you sign up for their daily emails. They have relevant health articles as well as easy to find information on "Top health conditions" (bipolar, ADD, ect) and they have quick links to the "Top 40 Meds."

Daily update: yesterday was good until the evening. I have a hard time controlling my hunger and sweet cravings. It's okay to have sweets, but instead of a nice big bowl of ice cream or pie, have a couple spoons, charish the flavor and walk away. Don't spit out food. That's gross. Anyway, back on topic. After I finish writing, I'm headed out to the pool. Like I said, I kind of blew it last night and had a sandwitch and a cookie way later than I should have. My weight was 345.0 again this morning.

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