Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1, 2009 Truth's and Encouragement

Personal note to self: Today, I swam the mile (33 laps) in 50.55 minutes. I weighed 347. Yesterday was a 3 on the good diet scale. I'll try for a 4 today. I'm not sure I want to rate anything a 5 until after surgery.

Okay, Bandstand...
I'm not sure if people get this whole obese thing. Obese people are usually experts on different kinds of diets. They probably have been very successful... while they were on the diet. If you want to keep the weight off, you must change your life for good. When discussing bariatric surgery, many normal people say "why don't you pull away from the table and eat less" (I stole that from my doctor). I say, why don't you quit smoking; why don't you quit coke; why don't you quit drinking? I mean really. If it was that easy why would we be fat. Do you think it's a life choice. I can tell you from personal experience that the most discriminated group is obese people. We get treated differently. We don't get the promotion because we don't promote the "image".
Some people may even suggest that obese people are failures. I beg to differ. I read in the current issue of Psychology Today that "Some psychologists, like the University of Virginia's Jonathan Haidt, go even further, arguing that adversity, setbacks, and even trauma may actually be necessary for people to be happy, successful, and fulfilled." Just look at some examples; J.K. Rowling was almost homeless, Steve Jobs dropped out of college and got fired from the company he founded. Just ask Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. They've failed more than they succeed. The July 6, 2009 Time magazine's article about "What Barack Obama can learn from FDR" states that the "Chinese word for crisis is spelled using the characters for danger and opportunity." I argue that obese people can succeed with the extreme life changes from bariatric surgery better than any other part of the population would be able to.
GO OBESE, you can do it!

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