Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday July 28th, 2009 redemption

This morning started out well with a scale of 334.6. I did go on my 12 mile bike ride. There was a lot of mud in the beginning, but it was cloudy and cool. It makes a huge difference. Not only was the ride easier, I did the weigh in after thing and I only lost one pound of water as opposed to two pounds when it's hot and sunny. Tomorrow is swim and weight day. Thursday, I'm planning on riding with my friend DW on a new trail. Maybe Conifer, Waterton Canyon, or something fun.

I will have lost at least 15 pounds this month and maybe I can lose another 4.6 pounds and close out the month at 20. Considering how hard I've been working out and the subsequent muscle build up, I pretty satisfied with this month's weight loss. I am particularly happy that I only had to change to vegan and watched my calories. I did not miss a meal and I've never eaten this healthy in my life. It really beats changing the size of your stomach and only being able to eat 1/4 cup of food three times daily for the rest of your life. I do like food and I love cooking and the vegan diet gives me the chance to eat well and be happy. Of course, like any successful diet for an obese person, the vegan diet has to be for life.

Sunday the family had hamburgers and I had a grilled portobello sandwich. I always eat with the family. I just eat some of the food or I substitute. On Monday I made vegan chili con chili and it rocked. Tonight, I made four calzones; ham-pineapple, pepperoni, veggie, and vegan. They were good, but I may have over cooked the whole wheat crust. Today, I ate granola cereal (with soy milk), had a small vegan sub, ate some fruit and nuts, and then the vegan calzone. Great healthy and satisfying food. The vegan diet really is not bad; low fat, low cholesterol, no antibiotics, and less pesticides (if you wash well and buy organic). I feel great.

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