Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Late in the day. Wednesday July 22, 2009

Finally ready to submit the Dairy sucks article below. With constructive criticism, I think I have revised the article so it flows better.

Yesterday turned into a great day. Due to extreme fun at Eliches, I didn't get to write much and I didn't get to exercise. Well, maybe walking around all day counts for something. My food calories was good. Maybe a 3 on the food quality/quantity scale. My mood was stable and I was energetic until I fell asleep in Ice Age the movie. This morning I weighed in at 336.2.

Today was exhausting. I wrote in the morning and did laundry. After I dropped my son off at work, I headed to the Carmody rec center. I swam 66 laps in 1.25.29 hours. The first mile was done in 40.14 minutes. After swimming, I went to lift weights concentrating on my torso and arms. Pretty tired; might be real sore in the morning. I hope to ride in the morning and swim after my oncologist appointment. I'm trying to get as much swim time in as possible before they have to cut away more skin from the melanoma. One other note: I haven't drank in some time, but tonight I decided to have one glass of red wine. Unfortunately, it had sulfides and I got a raging headache. Live and learn. Be sure to check out my dairy sucks article previewed in the previous post. thanks.

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