Monday, July 13, 2009

Early post: July 13th, 2009

The biopsy infection has slowed me down a bit, but I still went and worked out my upper body this morning. Knee is a little stiff. I'm not sure why, but I have to see the doc for a follow up tomorrow anyway. Yesterday was a bit better with diet. Definitely a "4" on the 1-5 diet quality scale. My family had kind of a New England clam and crab bake last night and I did try one mussel (I won't miss them). I did eat a healthy portion of corn on the cob (no butter, but I could have used the soy butter) and some small potato's.

I realize that it's possible to deprive the body of nutrients with a vegan diet, so I'm carefully monitoring my food and vitamin intake. I am consulting with my primary care physician, cardiologist, and my oncologist. Between the three of them, I have fairly regular and frequent blood labs. If you decide to try vegan, do your homework. Don't let a new life style derail your progress.

My weight this morning was 339.6 pounds. I have lost 10.4 pounds in the last 15 days. Prior to starting the blog 15 days ago, I was on a regular "count calories" diet and I was already exercising and very slowly losing weight, so I know my continued weight loss is not water or muscle. The vegan diet is not only shedding the weight, but I also physically feel better. I'm burning pure fat baby!

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