Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11th 2009 Daily notes

After eating a banana and a pear, I hydrated as much as possible and hit the trail up to the reservoir. It was one of those Rocky Mountain sunny hot days and very beautiful. I rode around Bear Creek reservoir and then back up and over. The ride was 11.38 miles and it took 1.28 minutes. I drank two full water bottles; around 50 ounces and scaled in when I returned and found that I had lost almost a pound despite the water. I rehydrated and went to eat at Sweet Tomato's for lunch. Yumm! Before the bike ride I weighed in at 340.2. I'd give Friday a 4 on the food scale. Oh yeah, my biopsy infection has gotten worse. I have only been on K-Flex for 30 hours, but, due to my low platelet count, I think I may have to go back in. It just looks nasty.

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