Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The end of a beautiful Colorado day 7-15-09

What a beautiful day for mountain biking. Sunny and fairly cool and very good company. It would seem that my blog visitor's have really increased. Thank you. For those of you that are new to my blog, let me summarize what you'll find here. For one thing, this is a brutally honest site about my struggle with obesity, but it's really more than that. I believe we are the whole package and if you want to be healthy you need to pay attention to everything. You should be well versed on mental health because low self-esteem and depression run rampant in obese people. You not only need to have good health care and doctors that genuinely care about you, but it is also your responsibility to know what they are talking about. Nobody, even the best doctors, knows your body better than you. You need to know what all those test results really mean and you need to know your medications as well as the pharmacists. Fortunately, we have the internet, but that can sometimes turn you sideways. Always pay attention to who owns the site and their biases. Do a little research on reputable sites before you dive into any health changes. I'm a new convert to the vegan diet and I not only work with my primary care physician, but I also read and research. Any diet can be dangerous without knowledge.

In a nut shell, I am a 44 year old husband, father, vegan with bipolar disorder, a fluctuating low platelet count, and now, a melanoma. As if you couldn't tell, I love to write. I write classroom curriculum, articles, "blogs," and I'm now working on a book about... you guessed it, obesity. I am also the only child of the late filmmaker and artist, Paul Sharits. With the help from some very good friends in the art world, I try to manage his thriving career.

In March 2009, I was admitted to the hospital, again, for a variety of weight related issues. I had lost a lot of weight through a very poor diet, but I had hit a wall. Something needed to change right then and there. I started working out like a mad man and was seriously considering bariatric surgery. I do believe that many obese people, particularly the super morbidly obese, should have this life saving procedure, but I've personally converted to vegan because I believe it's a more healthy diet and because it's helping me lose weight. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I exercise everyday. If you're interested in the vegan diet, try reading "Skinny Bitch" or "Skinny Bastard." I'm sure you will see food in a new light. Tomorrow I see the dermatologist about the melanoma issue and I'm going to try to duplicate today's bike ride and hit the gym. I really miss swimming, but I have to abstain from the pool until my melanoma is healed.

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