Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Super killer day

Kind of quick notes: Slept good last night. Today was marathon day. I am genuinely exhausted. This morning, in 90 degree sunny weather, I rode my bike up BCR, then down the mountain trail and back up to the top. 9 miles that felt like 20. I was out riding for 1.45 hours. Did some chores, wrote July 10th's lesson plan for the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, then went swimming. Swam a mile in 44 minutes flat. Very tired. Second full day of vegan. It's really not that hard. It maybe an alternative to bariatric surgery. I won't schedule a surgery date until after the end of the month. I want to see how much I've lost by then. The restrictive diet you have to be on for the rest of your life with the surgery is harder than vegan. I prefer the soy milk, fake cheddar, yummy bread, and the ??? butter. I've used agave nectar as a sweetener for a long time, so that's not hard. I ate three great meals and had some fruit in between. Drank lots of water and one non- sweetened Gatorade today. Weighed in at 343.2 this morning.

I think I'll do so more research and write an article on dairy products. The "Skinny Bastard" book was a grizzly start, but I want to explore the benefits of a dairy free diet. Other than animal flesh and fat, dairy seems to be my personal weakness. Not milk. I hate milk. But cheese, sour cream and, OMG, ice cream! After reading their book I realized how horrible my "healthy," balanced diet was. I feel like I will greatly improve my weight loss with this vegan life change. My PCP said he tried to be a vegetarian when he was in Berkley (ha, ha, ha) and he said most of his veg friends were not thin (munchies), but the elimination of dairy is the key... I think After all, I am the Obesity Warrior! I need a chant or something. Like Tim the tool man. Huh, huh, huh. Not very convincing. Ho ho ho. Now, I'm Santa.

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