Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Six Flags "Eliches" July 21, 2009

We survived the tornado last night, but there were branches and leaves stuck to our cars and the walls of the house. We, meaning my aunt and middle son, had a lot of raking to do this evening. People were out raking and sweeping the streets because they were covered with debris. We faired better than some of the neighbors that had their windows blow out. People tell you about the strange roar that a funnel makes, but words really can't describe it, but I'll try. It sounded like super high winds that were making a freight train-jet engine roar. It sounds like a pun, but it really did sound like something metal was twisting. I never actually saw the funnel because it was pitch black and the hail was too big and furious to go outside.There was a tornado warning for our area. No duh. We did go down to the basement.

Today was fun. I took my two younger "men" and one friend to Six Flags Eliches today. It has been a very long time since I was on roller coasters. There was one I could fit on because I'm still too big. That was sad. Also, went to down town Denver's 16th street mall and saw "Ice Age." Actually, I kept falling asleep. It was a great movie like the previous one's, but I was tired. I ate fruit for breakfast, small veggie sub for lunch, and vegan spaghetti for dinner. My mood was great today. The day started out great when I weighed in at 336.0. I didn't work out today, but I'll double up tomorrow. I would rate my mood a 4 and my calorie intake a 3. We'll see.

I've said before that mental health is extremely important, especially when you're dieting. I may not have mentioned that I am bipolar with a sleep disorder. My meds have been very balanced for the last year and I am sleeping. However, the vegan diet, like any other, requires regular vitamins. I spoke to my doctor about the vegan diet and he suggested certain food groups and mineral replacing supplements. I went to GNC and bought a couple of months of these veggie/vegan vitamin packs. They are from Maximum Greens and they are called the "Ultra Mega Green." They are jammed packed with everything except for iron which suits me fine because I get monthly B-12 injections anyway. Some of the main vitamins and minerals are flax seed oil (high in Omega-3 fatty acid), calcium citrate, and digestive enzymes. Later this week I get to visit my Oncologist and find out how my platelet count is doing.

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