Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19th 2009: Larry & Pam BBQ

This was another beautiful day in the rockies. Sunny and hot during the day and cool and cloudy this evening. I went on the reservoir ride this morning with my oldest son. then I quickly showered and went to Larry and Pam's BBQ in Castle Rock. It was nice to the Romeo side of the family. I weighed the same today; 338.4, but I can tell my body shape is still changing. I am losing more inches than I am pounds. The funny part is that as I build up muscle in my torso, the fat seems to be gravitating down my belly. It's starting to look like I have a kids life preserver on.

This evening I tried to work on the "dairy" piece, but I didn't complete it. One of the problems I had with yesterday's work was using PETA as a resource for mega-dairy living conditions. They just go a little too far to be considered reputable. I'm trying to keep the resources restricted to U.S. government and university articles. I'm also trying not to politicize the article too much, but it's hard when you find the vast amount of information is inflammatory. Maybe some of the problem is that there is so much information out there that it is hard to stay focused. Tomorrow, I should have time for the gym, a swim, and completing the article.

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