Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Vegan day

Quick notes: Had mole removed this morning. Could not swim and it got too hot to ride, so I'll have to make up for it in the morning. Yesterday should have been a 3, but it felt like a 2 on the quality/quantity scale. Weighed in at 344.4. No biggy.

Stayed up and read through most of the "Skinny Bastard" book. It is the strongest argument I have ever heard for Vegan. In a nutshell, due to the horrible steroids, antibiotics, other crap they give animals, and the way meat for mass consumption lives and dies, you should NOT eat anything with a face or it's byproducts. Also, quit caffeine, processed sugars, and all liquor except for the occasional red wine without sulfides.

That's really not too hard for me. I don't drink caffeine (other than the occasional iced tea), and I hardly ever drink. I've never liked milk. But I do love butter and sweets, so those are areas of concern and diligence. I was so horrified and upset about what I read in the bastard book that I went to the book store for a vegan cookbook (the one for dummies) and bought vegan supplies at the health food store. I was 100% vegan today and I liked it! Can't wait to see how it effects my weight.

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